E Trucking and Services has been in the industry for over 10 years, operating as a small family business. It started after Eliel Pereira immigrated with his wife and three children to the United States in hopes of building their American Dream.  Eliel’s desire to improve his family’s lifestyle and create a future for his children sparked the beginning of a successful journey in construction.  

His son Ivo Pereira quickly picked up on the trade, becoming more passionate about his father’s work.  In November 2015, E Trucking and Services officially became an LLC, naming Ivo Pereira as the owner. With the help of his family, the company has grown exponentially over the last two years.

E Trucking and Services’ mission is to set customer focus above all else and ensure its performance is of the highest quality.  The management team supports the mission by continuously looking for opportunity in improvement through its procedures, systems, and safety.


E Trucking and Services LLC looks forward to working with you to improve your community!